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$5.95 Polyester FlagsFull Size 3'x5' Polyester Flags - $5.95$5.95 Polyester Flags
3'x 5' Polyester flags are our most popular flags. The prices are low, the quality is great for the price and the selection of different designs is huge. Great for indoors or outdoors. Schools, churches, businesses and individuals all appreciate the value for these very top selling products. Over 400 designs available.

Prices shown are in US$.
Sizes of polyester flags: 3' x 5' (90cm x 150cm)

World Flags
Over 250 3'x5' full sized world flags, $5.00 to $5.95 each with no minimum order.

Every country in the United Nations is almost always in stock and ready to ship within 1 business day.
American Flags
$5.95 each plus quantity discounts. These are great quality polyester flags and have been our top selling flag for over 15 years.
State Flags
3'x5' full size flags only $5.95 each
or 2 of the same state for $10.00.
US Military Flags
The 3'x 5" polyester US military flags are available for all five services plus 25 additional military unit and other designs.
US Historical Flags
Betsy Ross - Gadsden - Bonnie Blue - Bennington - Confederate Rebel - Culpeper - First Navy Jack and more...
Specialty Flags
Police Thin Blue Line - Firefighter - Earth - Christian - Rainbow LGBT - Diver - Masonic - Shriner - Gypsy - African American and more ...
Solid Color Flags
10 different colors, full size 3'x5' polyester solid color flags. Only $5.95 each or 2 or more of the same color for $5.00 each.
Message & Advertising Flags
12 different advertising flags including OPEN, SALE and WELCOME.
Checkered Racing Flags
Black, red and green 3'x5' polyester checkered racing flags.
Jolly Roger Flags
Six full size 3'x5' polyester Jolly Roger pirate flag designs.
International Historical Flags
USSR - East Germany - Old South Africa - Fleur de Lis - Erin Go Bragh and more ....
Canadian Province Flags
13 Canada Province & Territory flags plus an assortment of 14 flags that includes one of each of the Provincial flags plus a Canadian flag.
Australia State and Territory Flags
Australia states and territories. 7 designs available at $5.95 or less.
African Country Flags - 56 Flags
All polyester African polyester flags measure 3'x5' and have 2 metal grommets attached.
World Cup Flag Set - 32 Flags
One 3x5 flag for each country team competing for the 2018 World Cup. Only $3.91 each.

We will be updating the countries that will be in the 2022 World Cup as they qualify during the first half of 2022. Stay tuned.
Polyester Flag with Spinner Pole
3'x5' Polyester flags are our most popular flags. The prices are low, the quality is great for the price and the selection of different designs is huge. Great for indoors or outdoors. Over 400 designs in stock.
Polyester Flag with 6 Pole Kit
The 3x5' polyester flag has four rows of stitching on the fly end and polyester flags fly easily in light wind. Metal grommets attach the flag to the pole using the included flag rings

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Our 21st year selling world flags online. We appreciate your business.

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